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  • Wage or Salary* (Only guaranteed pay goes here, please specify commissions and bonuses below) 20000
  • Pay Period per year
  • Commissions & Bonuses We start new Limited Companies, split equally around co-founders, based on the hourly input. GoGoHuman Limited also reserves the 30% of the business for its part in providing technical personnel, technology & intellectual properties. However in the event, if the co-founders work input and shares will be more than 80% of the GoGoHuman personnel time, the company will be able to buy back 10%. Shares will be renumerated and stabilised ones the profits from the operation will reach enough capacity to compensate the key employees their full-time employment and a base salary in the amount of £24,000/year, not including bonuses. Bonuses are to be agreed by the whole team of co-founders. Voting rights will be equal by all shareholders who will participate and will contribute at least 80% of the average time worked by the rest of the team.

New Exciting opportunity arises for ambitious individuals who want to invest in the very lucrative online business.

The investment is solely personal time, patience and expertise – no money needed, as we will have you completely covered.

For the past several years GOGOHuman limited invested more than £200,000 into the development of an AI technology that helps us to run this business and double our business for several months in the row now.

We cannot provide full details of how this AI technology works, however, we will show it in action to all candidates, who will get through the preliminary screening process.

In short:

We build websites similar to this one.

It’s multi-vendor meaning people can register to offer something and people can register to buy something and/or use services.

What we’ve built is not just a framework for websites. We’ve built a step by step Blue-Print to build such businesses with skyrocketing success. Our framework for business includes strategies and copy-right premium materials for marketing and promotions, that simply work.

The main key here is our AI, that saves millions on advertisements and therefore creates an enormous advantage for us to play the game with any size competitors out there.

Categories we are looking to jump in right now:

  • HR
  • Education
  • Food Ordering Industry
  • Dental Care
  • Health & Beauty
  • Individual types of Diets & Sports (Important to understand it is not the same as above – but we will explain that later :))
  • Individual Pet Industries
  • Car industry
  • Bike Industry
  • Children
  • Personal Coaching
  • Parenting

Approximate time investment needed before first revenue, income & equal shares with other co-founders earned is 3 months.

6 people needed per project, part-time – so you don’t even have to leave your current job, nor you have to go anywhere. As long you are based in the UK, Ireland, US or Australia. You have a smartphone & a laptop – we can work together.

Skills: Basic Computer literacy is a must, the most job is done online. We will need to read and type a lot. As well as analyse the work of AI, write reports and be happy!

This is ones in a life time opportunity – catch the momentum, stop being the GoGoHuman and become a CanDoHuman today.

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  • Company Location Edinburgh
  • Business Address 15 Gentle's Entry Edinburgh United Kingdom EH88PD
  • Mobile Phone Number 07450659600
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